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We get it.

And we're

here to help.

Health and Safety is Our #1 Priority

We can help your child move ahead despite these challenging times;  from Camarillo's Best Tutoring to Covid-19 Schoolwork Supervision

and Homework Support.


Your Covid-19 Educational Solution


The number of questions and concerns can seem overwhelming.  You want to make the RIGHT choice for your child but the information is scarce and evolving.  The options seem confusing and contradictory.  One choice is good for your child in one way but bad in another.  There seems to be no ideal solution.  Your fear, stress, anxiety, and dread has increased as the pandemic stretches onward.  You are not alone.

Feeling the way you do means you're being a good parent.

As an organization with 50 years of educational experience and community involvement, our job is to provide you with the options you and your child need RIGHT NOW; not just to get through this difficult time, but to thrive and excel.

We've been working hard gathering solid information from numerous agencies to provide you with academically sound, scientifically based choices so that you can make an informed decision regarding what's right for you and your family.

Considerations fall into three categories:  Schedule, Programs, and whether you wish to be online or at our center.


Consider Your Schedule

2 Rushing Mom.jpeg

We know you're swamped and being pulled in a million directions, so all of our programs at our center and online offer:

  • 1/2-hour to 2-hour sessions

  • 2-4 sessions per week

  • Mon/Wed, Tues/Thur, or Mon-Thur

  • Start-times from morning to evening

(With our decades of positive results, we tend to operate near capacity year-round.  If your ideal slot isn't immediately available, we'll get you as close as we can, and waitlist you for the first opening.)

Select Your Favorite Programs


When the pressure of being a parent, working, and being the supervisor of your child's online schoolwork becomes too much, just give us a call and let us help with that burden.  We'll monitor your child's classwork and assignments, then interact with your child to increase motivation, maintain focus, and help get assignments completed.  We'll also keep you informed and alert you when your attention is needed.  This option teams well with both TUTORING and HOMEWORK SUPPORT.

b3 Tutorific Girls.jpg

You won't find better tutoring anywhere.  Our 50 years of educational experience and curriculum development have lead to us working for thousands of local families, more than a dozen school districts, and the Ventura County Office of Education.  We can focus on one or more subjects at a time.  Your child is assessed and a prescriptive program is implemented based on needs, interests, and learning styles.  We adjust programs constantly to ensure learning opportunities and conduct periodic assessments to chart progress.


Students leave their frustration behind and get the help and empathy they crave.  Whether homework is a daily battleground at home or it’s just been a bit too long ago since you studied the subject, we’re your solution.  We have had numerous teachers and principals bring their children to us over the years because at home they’re Mom and Dad, and the dynamic is simply different. 

Yes!  You CAN combine elements of our different options to create your child's perfect program.

Choose Online or At Our Center



We are using state-of-the-art teaching systems combined with our huge library of educational materials.  We're able to tutor the same ages and subjects as at our center.



  • You and your child don't have to leave your home.

  • A regular schedule helps kids maintain a sense of time.

  • Effective programs, especially for focused, motivated students

  • Same excellent, motivational tutors who work at our center

  • Based in Ventura County for local students  (We know our schools.)

  • Gives students something to look forward to doing


  • Isolating and removed

  • Distanced from the instructor and 3D materials

  • Requires a degree of self-focusing and motivation

  • Home's distractions (family, pets, electronics, fridge, etc.)



In-Person tutoring is always the best option, especially for kids who need help with focusing or motivation.  The younger the child, the truer.  The fact is that kids pay more attention and feel more engaged when their teacher is in the same room with them.  The moment your child walks through our door, the stage is set for success.

Our Learning Environment

  • Designed expressly as a learning center

  • 2,000 sq. ft. of educational space in five rooms

  • Quiet, comfortable, engaging

  • Daylight LED lighting

  • Packed with educational materials and manipulatives

Our Covid-19 Protocols (Mandatory for All Students and Staff)

  • Excellent Social Distancing

  • Mask Wearing

  • Temperature Testing Before Entry

  • Hand Sanitizing Upon Entry

  • Gap Between Sets of Students

  • Cleaning and Sanitizing Between Sets


  • Ample social distancing

  • Only individual and tiny groups meet at any one time

  • Protected environment with added Covid-19 Protocols

  • Educational materials for every subject, level, and learning style

  • Proven effectiveness backed by 50 years of Ventura Co. success

  • Excellent, experienced tutors, highly trained in our materials

  • Gets your child OUT OF THE HOUSE

  • Give your child a cool place to go

  • Our kids really like their tutors and look forward to seeing them

  • Gives students a better sense of time (which blurs when only at home day after day)


  • The moment you leave your home, there is some degree of risk during a pandemic.  Market, school, doctor, park.  You weigh the benefit of the activity.


(We've taken major precautions to mitigate that risk.  There is simply no 100% safe...even if you remain at home.)

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