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Starting at age 4 & up,


Simply the Best.  Any Grade.  Any Level.

Tutorific quickly determines your child’s current ability in phonics, oral reading, vocabulary, and reading comprehension.  We design a reading program which capitalizes on your child’s strengths to overcoming weaknesses.  A student’s age and grade are not nearly as important as knowing their true level and building forward constantly from that point.  We never simply pick a starting point and continue, page by page.  We skip to exactly what will benefit your child the most, carefully plotting the “next best” skill to obtain the greatest results.

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We start teaching reading as young as 4 years old; a perfect age for eager young minds to soak up knowledge quickly.  Our early readers not only rocket past their peers, they learn to love reading and quickly apply it to the world around them.

Learn more about our incredible Ready Reader Program; from zero to beginning reading in about 30 sessions.

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How well your child learns to read initially, and how positive that experience is will set the course for your child’s entire educational journey.  With our highly engaging approach, your child’s Tutorific reading tutor will solidify ability-appropriate phonics, improve sound-blending skills for faster & easier oral reading, and focus on reading with deeper understanding.  Building reading comprehension is key.

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We never assume a student truly knows the fundamentals.  We assess every student’s oral reading and phonemic awareness.  We make sure students have all the puzzle pieces needed for the ever-higher levels of reading comprehension needed as classes become more challenging.  Tutorific builds the reading skills and vocabulary necessary to succeed in school, on tests, and later in college and work.

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With so much information coming at us all, improving your reading skills, fluency and speed, can be a game-changer.  Is English your second or third language?  We can help with that, too.

You're always welcome to combine subjects at no extra charge.

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