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Why Us?

Because we have the skills,

experience, motivation,

and nurturing personalities

that you seek.

In short, excellence.

You've probably come to us as a referral from a friend, a mom, a dad, a teacher, a principal, a doctor, or one of the many organizations with whom we've worked during our 50 years of success.

There are many great reasons to enroll your child at Tutorific.

Did You Know...

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We've been in business for 50 years...

Right here in Camarillo.


We're educator owned and operated.

We are not part of a cookie-cutter franchise.

Our focus in on our local students.

We have dozens of publishers' materials.

Every student's program is created prescriptively, based on assessments, your input, and your child's needs.

We are the only local company to have provided

tutoring directly for 14 local school districts

and the Ventura County Office of Education.

Our staff is amazing, vetted thoroughly, and trained extensively.

We test every applicant to ensure they truly know the subjects they are tutoring.

Our organization and staff

have earned numerous awards including

Two Certificates of Special Congressional Recognition

Two Awards from the Ventura County Office of Education

Letters of Commendation from the cities of Camarillo & Ventura
Multiple International Develop Awards including

The Developmental Blackboard Reading Program for

The United States Peace Corps and The British Council.

We have hosted

NASA's Summer of Discovery


Dr. Mae Jemison's The Earth We Share.

We are curriculum developers as well as educators.

We have created multiple reading and math programs.

Our team has more than 100 professional credits including

Work for Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, Warner Bros. Kids

DC Comics, LucasFilm, Prentice-Hall, Houghton Mifflin,

The American Learning Corporation, and others.


Multiple Parents' Choice Awards


Involvement in the creation of
"The Jemison Institute for Advancing Technology

in Developing Nations at Dartmouth College"

We have provided thousands of hours of

Scholarships to

Foster, kinship, and homeless children.

In short, we're completely unlike a run-of-the-mill tutoring center.


We are here for you and your family

in ways no one else can be.




Because we have the skills, experience, motivation, and nurturing personalities you seek.

Camarillo's #1 Tutoring Organization

50 Years of Excellence

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