Your Child's


Rest assured the your child's progress won't fall through the cracks as schools struggle to adapt to Covid-19.


We're more than another set of eyes.

We're active participants in your child's education.


How can you possibly juggle working, parenting, teaching, and homework support during such crazy times?  It's nearly impossible and certainly takes a toll on you and your family.  Relief is here; at our center or online. 

Tutorific Schoolwork Supervision (TSS)

TSS is not intended to replace your child’s prescriptive tutoring.  Its purpose is to support your parental role by having our staff sign-in to your children's school website to monitor progress on class and homework assignments and to communicate with your children to ensure they are understanding and completing their assignments.

We do this in a motivational, supportive manner.  Your children will understand that we are there to help, to answer questions, to keep projects on track...to make the complex online school interaction easier.


This means you'll need to "nag" less which can greatly reduce the related parent/child stress and fatigue, helping to improve your relationships.  The fact that we're not their parents is a definite "plus."

Basic Information & Schedule

This program

  • Is open to all grades,

  • Is One-to-One

  • Occurs in half-hour sessions

  • Occurs one to five times per week (your choice)

We Will Monitor & Help Supervise...

  • School Assignments and Tasks,

  • School Assigned Projects


(Based on your child's school website)

We can do much more than monitor and supervise.  We can work with your child on homework and class assignments to make sure they are completed properly and understood.

Our prescriptive tutoring is incredibly effective and engaging.  Every subject.  Every grade.  Every need.  We're here to help.



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