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Nobody does it better

Starting at age 4 & up,

Nobody matches the effectiveness of our Early Reader Program

Ours is one of the most advanced & individualized methods for teaching new readers. It is the culmination of more than 30 years of internal development and real-world testing by our staff locally and internationally.  Where many schools and day care centers are still approaching the teaching of reading the same way it was taught generations ago, we’re constantly breaking new ground.

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We begin with whatever reading skills your child already possesses, fill-in any missing pieces, and then build from there. Some kids enter the program with no reading skills at all, others are well on their way to blending individual sounds into words.


We don’t wait for your child to learn all the letter names & sounds before moving into true reading.  We teach enough sounds to make words, enough words to create sentences, then enough sentences to build stories. Our kids are often reading books long before they've even mastered the alphabet.

We prioritize the presentation order of new elements according to each child's individual abilities, including language development, concentration, and auditory discrimination. We focus on the sounds of letters, not their names. Letters and blends are also sequenced by which are the easiest to say & remember as well as taking into account the "usefulness" of each in creating words the child is most likely to encounter reading books from a variety of publishers.


Seems Like Play But It's Solid Learning

The sessions seem like play to the students. We've made each aspect of the program fun and appropriately challenging. We include reading games, contests, puzzles, certificates, and more.  Elements of printing may be included.

Children attend two half-hour sessions per week with one of our highly trained early reader specialists.  As a caring parent, you participate by spending a mere five minutes a day in guided "Parent & Me" reading-play.  Our kids earn take-home cards with letters, letter-blends, and words; stickers and awards; and their own "reading box" in which they keep all these goodies.

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Incredibly Effective and Fun

If all this sounds like a remarkably different approach to the teaching of reading, you're right. That's why our results are so remarkable. Want an example? Visit our Success Stories page on this site.

This program is the ideal way to introduce your preschooler to reading, or it can be used as a supplement to school activities.  Our methods don't conflict with those used by schools; they reinforce and expand upon them.

When ready, kids can “graduate” from this program into our prescriptive small group tutoring where they can add math and language arts to their studies or continue to focus on reading.

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