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Vital for Success


Yes!  Nowadays we're ALL wearing masks and practicing ample social distancing.  We've been too busy teaching to snap new photos.  Our focus is our students' education, not marketing.

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The Right Skills for the Right Time

Improving study skills is an integral part of our program, whether a student is in 1st or 12th grade.  Each step along a student's educational path requires ever more advanced study skills.

We begin by teaching kids how to increase their ability to focus, how to remain "on-task," and move from one task to the next.  Tutorific is known for being able to motivate students and improve their self-confidence which, in turn, supports better study skills because it's all linked.

As students progress into higher grade levels, we can help them improve:

  • Note Taking

  • Test Prep

  • Study Habits

  • Project Planning

  • Homework Follow-Through

  • And a lot more!

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