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Tutoring tailored to your child's interests and skills,
no matter how advanced.


The Perfect Place for Smart Kids

We design tutoring programs tailored to your child's true abilities and interests, with no artificial limits based on age or grade.

Math, Reading Comprehension, Advanced Vocabulary, Test Prep, or tutoring in any area in which your child has a special interest.

We have kindergartners who read atlases and research scientific scales (such as the Beaufort, Richter, Saffir-Simpson, and Fujita scales) for the pure joy of academic discovery.  We have 4th graders successfully performing complex algebra


Success When You Least Expect It

Your child will be thrilled to be in a place where there are no limits to academic growth, where many kids are studying above grade level (sometimes many years above) and where being smart is COOL.

Our Extra Bright Kids may be ahead in all subjects ...or... years ahead in one or two while falling behind in each child's program is built individually.  There is no competition among students here so parents needn't worry about self-confidence issues among students with different abilities in different subjects.



Special Emotional Needs

Interaction with others (adults and other children) can sometimes be a challenge for these extra bright kids.  We can help with this, too.  Our programs build better emotional management and communication skills, empathy for others, and an understanding that compassion is as vital as intellect.

Both One-to-One and Small Group options are available.

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