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Get Ahead
This Summer





Use the summer to catch up

or race ahead.

Our award-winning tutoring

continues year-round!


This is the summer to make a real difference in your child's life.

The pandemic has been brutal on all our kids.
We're experts at getting them happily back on track,
Improving their grades as well as their ability to learn,
Rebuilding their confidence and restoring their self-esteem.

Even in the "old normal," kids lost about three and a half months of
Academic gain during approximately two months of summer vacation.
Our students not only retain more knowledge, they rocket ahead.

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You won't find better tutoring anywhere.  Our 50+ years of educational excellence and curriculum development earned us the trust of thousands of local families, more than a dozen school districts, and the Ventura County Office of Education.  We can focus on one or more subjects at a time.  Your child is assessed and a prescriptive program is implemented based on needs, interests, and learning styles.  We adjust programs constantly to ensure learning opportunities and conduct periodic assessments to chart progress. 


  • Reading, Language Arts, Math.  Summer Bridge.  Mix and match.

  • Highly educational, engaging, and enjoyable.

  • Start and stop when you wish.  No long-term contracts.

  • Attend 2 to 4 times per week. 

  • 1:1 or Small Group. 

  • 1/2-hr or 1-hr

b9 Siblings.jpeg

Give your child an amazing head-start on learning!  It's highly academic but your child will think of it as fun and games.


We begin with whatever reading skills your child possesses, fill-in any missing pieces, and build from there.  We don’t wait for your child to learn all the letter names & sounds before moving into true reading.  We teach enough sounds to make words, enough words to create sentences, then enough sentences to build stories. Our kids are often reading books long before they've even mastered the alphabet.  We prioritize the presentation order of new elements according to each child's abilities, including language development, concentration, and auditory discrimination.

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50% Sibling Discount

This summer, once you've enrolled one child, the tutoring tuition for any other children in your family is 50% off while enrolled at the same time.


Or double your first child's tutoring for only half again as much.

Either way, it's a 50% savings!


FREE Educational Software

While your child is enrolled with us this summer, we'll provide you with an exclusive link to extracurricular computer-based lessons tied directly to your child's prescriptive tutoring program here at Tutorific.  We'll also unlock general lessons designed to help transition your child into the next grade.

This is ideal for parents who want their child to have additional independent practice in core subjects.  Sign your child on any time you wish.  Have your child as much as you'd like.  If they have questions (which they will), they can ask us at their next session. Call for info.

  • Usually $100/month service but FREE with summer enrollment.


FREE STEM Activity - Building Buddies!

Grade K - 8 students learn critical thinking and planning skills while having a spectacularly fun time building structures, engineering cities, and so much more.  We've gathered THOUSANDS of blocks, road and railroad pieces, cars, trucks, and trains.  Students are given solo and team challenges, even building structures taller than they are!

This takes place in our Wonderarium, a large room specially designed for active STEM classes.  Students are grouped by age and the challenges are designed accordingly.  So fun that your child will want to participate again and again!  Call for info.

  • One Event Pass = $45.  FREE with enrollment in tutoring.

  • Two Event Passes = $75.

  • Sessions are two hours long.  All materials & supervision provided.


FREE STEM Activity - Drone Pilots

Grade 3 - 8 students learn all about the science of flight while learning to pilot mini-drones.  Then they have the exciting and fun opportunity to fly courses that they'll help design in our Wonderarium!

It's a practical - and oh so fun - application of engineering and physics.

  • One Event Pass = $45.  FREE with enrollment in tutoring.

  • Two Event Passes = $75.

  • Sessions are two hours long.  All materials & supervision provided.

We do more for your family because we care.

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