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Our Center

Is Yours.

Health and Safety is Our #1 Priority

During Public School Hours,

You can arrange exclusive use of our Wonderarium

as your family's own

Private Education Pod.


Your Home Wasn't Designed

To Be An Educational Facility

...So Lease Ours


Amazingly, you can lease the entire Wonderarium for homeschooling your children, your cousin’s children, your friend’s children.  Keep it for your own family or invite others to cooperatively work with you so “staff-up” your own little educational center. 


Here’s what’s included:


  • Our spectacular Classroom / Art Studio with five large movable desks, a chalkboard wall, ample windows, light, and air conditioning.


  • Our unparalleled Action Room complete with a climbing wall, padded floors for tumbling, full length mirrors for dance and movement, thousands of building blocks, train sets, and numerous toys.


  • A private bathroom and separate classroom sink area.


  • It’s nearly 1,000 square feet of educational and play space.  Using the classroom / Art Studio for your online work and the Action Room for breaks and incentive, you can easily social distance 5 – 7 kids or you can accommodate 10 – 12 students by spreading out across the suite.


  • You will have exclusive access to this facility (except for our small online studio located between the Art Studio and the Action Room) every Monday through Saturday until 2:00 PM. 


  • Wireless Wi-Fi connection to the internet.


The rent is only $1,400 per month, with a minimum 3-month commitment (although you can lock in as many months as you wish until school reopens); half of the usual rate for even a completely empty suite of this size, let alone one ideally designed for this purpose. 


Staff is not included.  This is your show.  If you had just seven kids among you and your friends, where you share duties and give each other plenty of time off, that would be under $200 per child per month to exclusively use Wonderarium. 


Whether your kids are in a closed brick-and-mortar public or charter school or you are homeschooling, this space…this opportunity…may be PERFECT for you.


This opportunity is unprecedented and is only being offered during these historic times because we want you to have as many great options as we can provide.  If you want to take advantage of this, you must commit quickly because it will come “off the market” if we have sufficient enrollees in the other options that we need this space.  Quite simply, whichever occurs first is the way we’ll go.  The time to act is now.

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