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We can take the burden off your shoulders

5 days/week

We won't let your child's education fall through the cracks.

We'll monitor and supervise

your child's modified-traditional

or online schoolwork.


Modified-Traditional or Online

You're going to want help.


Modified-Traditional or Online throughout this coming year are the two options for most families of public-school children.  We interact with hundreds of families and educators and the rightful concerns include:


  • The last months of the 19/20 school year were a nightmare.

  • It is impossible to work full time, be a parent full time, and be the teacher full time.

  • My child used to like school, now dreads it.

  • Our home no longer feels as if it’s our sanctuary.

  • Stress is increasing as we try to do everything in a single place with no separation of home/school.

  • Home is becoming a pressure cooker of tension and emotion.

  • My child feels isolated and deeply misses the interaction with other children.

  • My child is never going to be able to sit in front of a computer for 4 – 5 hours a day.

  • I’m going to have to be sitting in the room with my child every moment.It just isn’t feasible.

  • My child’s behavior is different with me watching all the time. It’s uncomfortable for us both.

  • My child and I simply can’t go through this again.


We empathize.  Our focus is always on your children’s academic and personal growth, self-confidence building, and motivation.  From day one of this pandemic, we have asked ourselves, “How can Tutorific help?”  Our criteria are that our help must address substantial needs and that we need to cover our cost in order to keep our organization sound.

The TUTORIFIC Learning Coop(TLC)

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Our Location and Supervision

TLC is NOT intended to replace your child’s prescriptive tutoring.  TLC’s purpose is to provide an ideal learning environment and adult support outside of home to successfully facilitate your child’s online school classes.


Joining TLC will largely remove the incredibly demanding supervision your child’s online schooling, allow your home to be HOME once again, and reduce the related parent/child stress and fatigue, helping to improve your relationships.

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Basic Information & Schedule

This program

  • Is open to all grades,

  • Starts the day that school starts,

  • Continues until schools reopen,

  • Monday through Friday,

  • During the time that your child is mandated to be online by the school.

  • We will follow the Pleasant Valley School District holiday calendar.


We Will Supervise...

  • getting your child online, and signed into classes and assignments,

  • online classwork,

  • individual homework,

  • breaks,

  • snacks.



  • The schoolwork gets done.

  • Takes the hassle, frustration, and tears out of your home.

  • Happier kids,

  • Happier you.

  • Your child will feel less alone (removed from friends).

  • Higher self-confidence,

  • Better motivation (prizes, praise from a non-parent, time in the Wonderarium),

  • Home will be HOME once again.

  • Families can be together without schoolwork hanging over everyone’s heads 24/7.

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Beyond the intensive Tutorific Learning Coop (TLC) are a number of options including tutoring in any subject at any grade level, homework support, and more.  Just click on "Learn More."

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