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Success is what we do.

We’ve been improving students’ grades, self-confidence & motivation for more than 40 years.  All of our tutoring is prescriptive, with programs designed for each student individually, then monitored and adapted constantly based on your child’s needs, learning styles, interests, and growth.


Wonder Art

Drawing, painting, sculpting, crafting, mixed media, architecture, interior design, collage, calligraphy, and more.  Every session stands on its own as well as blending into an educational cycle.   

Designed especially for elementary through middle school students, it’s the perfect add-on to tutoring. Call us at (805) 482-3720.


It’s All About Fun with Art

Each child has a creative passion, ready to play. We’re born creative. It’s at the core of being human. It’s how we survive, how we thrive.

Creative activities help develop critical thinking skills and concentration. And it’s FUN.

WonderArt introduces kids to a wide variety of artistic endeavors, from sketching to sculpting. At the same time, we realize that some kids will find a particular passion and our Wonderarium provides the creative space and materials to laser-focus on individual interests.

Two options await:

  • “WonderArt”" occurs every Friday for an hour, at 3:30 or 4:30. Cost is only $159 per month but you can have it FREE while enrolled in tutoring.

  • “Art as Math and Science” is one of our Wonderarium STREAM Center activities from 7/8 - 7/11 in which the art projects all focus on aspects of math and science (see below). $160

Your child is welcome to participate in both…and we promise your child won’t come home as messy as the kids in our photos. :)

Amazing Summer Deal

WonderArt is FREE as an add-on to Tutorific Tutoring.

Tutor with us this summer and participate at NO COST in WonderArt when attending concurrently.


The Goals of our Sessions

  • Have fun

  • Improve small motor coordination

  • Increase creative problem solving

  • Have fun

  • Learn perspective & artistic math

  • Develop artistic skills

  • Have fun

  • Develop an appreciation of art

  • Learn to quickly follow instructions

  • Cultivate creativity

  • Understand the connection between art and math

  • Use are to understand scientific concepts

  • Have fun


Art as Math and Science

This fun and focused four-day art program uses art as a way to delve into mathematical and scientific concepts. Among a wide variety of activities, students will thrive on using color pencils to detail anatomy drawings, learn perspective from creating three-dimensional sketches, and explore color theory by experimentation. 7/8 - 7/11 $160

Combine Tutoring and Wonderarium Activities to Save $$$

Receive a discount on tuition whenever you are enrolled simultaneously in tutoring and Wonderarium Activities.

Combined programs encompass your whole child in a symbiotic chorus of mental and physical activities. Summer is a fantastic time to advance creatively and academically.

Studies have correlated improvement in creative endeavors with advancement in critical thinking skills. Our unique kinesthetic approach to enrichment is not only a reward for academic effort, it also helps children get more out of their tutoring.

It’s good for your child…and your wallet.

“WonderArt” and “Art as Math and Science” are vital parts of Tutorific’s new Wonderarium
Which officially opens this fall…but you can be a part of its origin.

Sign up for our pre-opening summer program now.

Tutoring and Wonderarium, a perfect summer combination.
Call us at (805) 482-3730 to enroll your child.