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Success is what we do.

We’ve been improving students’ grades, self-confidence & motivation for more than 40 years.  All of our tutoring is prescriptive, with programs designed for each student individually, then monitored and adapted constantly based on your child’s needs, learning styles, interests, and growth.


Fantastic Summer Learning

Fun, engaging, and effective!  Pre-K through high school.
Our prescriptive tutoring continues in full swing.

This summer we’re proud to announce the grand opening of


Here is where your child can learn, and play, and experience the most wonder filled summer ever in our new STEM Activity and Movement Center!

Combine tutoring and special activities to create an entire summer learning program tailored to your child. Start and stop as you wish.


The Subjects You Want

We design each student’s tutoring program individually.  We can focus on a specific subject (such as math), a specific topic or topics within a subject (such as multiplication tables), or combine subjects AS YOU WISH.  We can easily incorporate elements of Reading, Language Arts, and Math.   All materials and supplies are included.

Want an extra-exciting summer program?  Check out our summer camps:  Math-Chi (The Mathematical Martial Art) and Brain Camp (Critical Thinking) which are explained below.

The Schedule You Want

With our program, you’re not locked into specific start and stop dates.  Start when you want.  End when you want.  Stay as long as you wish.  No long-term contracts.

Choose any weekday afternoons at 3:30, 4:30, 5:30, 6:30 pm.*  Summer morning schedules may be available at 9:00 & 10:00 am; call for availability.

Choose any amount of tutoring, from two to eight hours per week.  Simply call (805) 482-3730 to enroll.  No registration or enrollment fees.

* Just a note about schedules: Because of our success with thousands of local kids, and the popularity of our summer programs, not all time-slots may be available. The sooner you schedule your child’s summer tutoring, the better your chance of getting the days & times you wish.

* Because of our success with thousands of local kids, and the popularity of our summer programs, not all time-slots may be available.  The sooner you schedule your child’s summer tutoring, the better your chance of getting the days & times you wish.

Vacationing?  No Problem.

We’re great about scheduling make-ups.  Just call us no later than the day before and you’ll be able to choose a replacement session at a time that works for you.  If you let us know when you sign-up about vacations lasting a week or longer, we can credit you for your time away.

Race Ahead

Studies have shown that kids don’t just plateau without summer education, they actually loose over two months of the knowledge they worked to gain during the prior school-year.  Students at Tutorific don’t just retain their prior knowledge, they race ahead, ready to face the next grade.

Fun…Without Summer "Fluff"

Some summer programs are little more than daycare. Not at Tutorific.  We’ll keep your child progressing, engaged, and happy.  What we won’t do is any form of busy work or lower our goals just because of the time of year.  Tutorific is a great way to keep your child's mind active.

Summer Bridge

One option is to combine a broad range of subjects designed to transition your child from the current grade into the next.  We have special materials for this purpose which combine refreshers on the most important Core Curriculum from the current year while providing your child with a start on upcoming academic concepts.

Continue Your Child’s Current Program

Many families have us continue their children’s ongoing tutoring program in order to gain valuable advances during the summer, others increase the number of hours per week to offset for the lack of school.  Some parents ask us to “mix it up a bit” during the summer months, and we’re always happy to do so.  We can add creative writing, math puzzles, and fun critical thinking assignments.

WONDERARIUM Summer Education Programs


Who knew multiplication & division could be this fun?!

Kids use poses & moves as numbers and operations.
They spar using their bodies to create equations.

It's enjoyable, educational, and healthy.

Master math facts, balance, self-control
self-confidence, self-motivation, focus.

How innovative and creative is this program?  We were awarded a patent by the U.S. Government.

Brain Camp

Our kids have FUN being SMART!

Tutorific’s Brain Camp consists of a wide range of
engaging CRITICAL THINKING activities.  

Every challenge is designed to improve reasoning skills and
comprehension.  Points of focus include concrete and abstract
thinking, analysis, visual perception, auditory discrimination,
physics, mathematical reasoning, expository development,
social dynamics, creative resolution, and communication.
Activities include independent and team tasks such as...

Physical and Mental Puzzles~  Role Playing~  Game Creation~  Venn Diagrams~  Mystery Solving Physical and Mental Puzzles~  Role Playing~  Game Creation~  Venn Diagrams~  Mystery Solving~  Art-Based Analysis~  Building Challenges~  Pondering Unanswerable Questions~  Plane Construction & Flight Competitions~  Development of Fictional Characters~  Identification of Truth vs. Hype~  And much, much more...

Young Author's Club

This amazing writers Camp is led by an author with more than 100 creative credits, including work for such powerhouses as LucasFilm, Nickelodeon, and Warner Bros. and is the winner of numerous awards including two Parent Choice Awards and a Platinum Album for a Star Wars Read Along.  He was also involved in creation of the Junior Jedi Training Manual.  Students will learn story & character development, presentation of written ideas and arguments, creative methods of school report writing, as well as improving their editing and English (punctuation, grammar, usage, mechanics).  Participants will have the opportunity to write, to share their works with the group (Writer's Round-Table), and to take their writing to the next level.  Two groups:  Grades 3-5 and 5-12.   Starts this summer but it will fill up long before...so sign up ASAP.  Call (805) 482-3730 for exact dates and information.


So Many Summer Tutoring Options...


  • Phonics (Beginning & Advanced)

  • Oral Reading

  • Vocabulary

  • Comprehension

  • Visual Tracking

English Language Arts

  • Spelling

  • Writing (All Levels)

  • Capitalization

  • Punctuation

  • Grammar

Printing & Handwriting

  • Legibility

  • Small Motor Development

  • Letter & Number Reversal

All Levels of Math

  • Core Mathematics

  • Pre-Algebra

  • Algebra

  • Geometry

  • Calculus

  • Trigonometry

  • Statistics

Study Skills & Motivation

  • Organization

  • Note-Taking

  • Listening & Implementation

  • Idea Development

  • Project Supervision

High School & College Support

  • Math & Science

  • Writing & Vocabulary

  • Languages

Summer Learning.  Fun & Effective.
We have 47+ years of local success to prove it.
Call us at (805) 482-3730