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Success is what we do.

We’ve been improving students’ grades, self-confidence & motivation for more than 40 years.  All of our tutoring is prescriptive, with programs designed for each student individually, then monitored and adapted constantly based on your child’s needs, learning styles, interests, and growth.


Amazing Summer Educational Programs

Fun, engaging, and effective summer tutoring!  Pre-K through high school, our prescriptive tutoring continues in full swing.

This summer we’re proud to offer additional educational enrichment within our WONDERARIUM. Here is where your child can learn, and play, and experience a wonder filled summer in our new STEM Activity and Movement Center!

 Combine tutoring and special activities to earn discounts on tutoring as you create an entire summer learning program tailored to your child.

Experience Our Award Winning Tutoring

Our effective tutoring continues year-round. Select whatever subjects you wish. Reading, Language Arts, Math, and more. Start and stop as you wish. Convenient times and days.

We design each student’s tutoring program individually.  We can focus on a specific subject (such as reading), a specific topic or topics within a subject (such as multiplication tables), or combine subjects.  Catch up or rocket ahead. 

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WONDERARIUM Summer Education Programs

Tutorific is well known for its creative approach to education. With so much creativity going on, Tutorific has doubled its size to accommodate two new centers; a Science and Art Studio (STREAM) and a Kinesthetic (Movement) Room. Below are the links to more information about these wonderful educational programs. For a perfect summer program, combine tutoring and educational activities.


Who knew multiplication & division could be this fun?!

Kids use poses & moves as numbers and operations. They spar using their bodies to create equations. It's enjoyable, educational, and healthy. So innovative that we were awarded a patent by the U.S. Government.

Available Tuesdays and Thursdays throughout summer.


No need to choose between gymnastic or dance; we combine them!  Designed especially for pre-K and elementary GIRLS and BOYS, GymDancy combines a variety of beginning dance styles and gymnastic floor exercises.  It’s a fun workout that teaches listening skills, self-confidence, and balance while improving core body strength. Wall-to-wall soft floor safety, dance mirrors, and our own little stage.

Available Mondays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays throughout summer.

Ninja Heroes

Under the guise of being ninjas and superheroes in training, kids participate in a variety of physical activities including climbing, tumbling, obstacle gauntlets, and core-body exercises.  There are also mental puzzles and mysteries to solve, blocks to stack and kick down, targets to hit, gymnastics to perform, and even “missions” to accomplish.  The floors are padded. There’s a twelve foot wide climbing wall, and a lot more. Role playing at its healthiest.

Available weekdays and Saturdays throughout summer.

Special STREAM Four-Day Camps

Our kids have FUN being SMART!

Brain Camp
(6/24 – 6/27, M – Th, afternoons, 3:30 – 5:30 PM)

Art as Math and Science
(7/8 – 7/11, M – Th, afternoons 3:30 – 5:30 PM)

Drone Zone: The Science of Flight
(7/22 – 7/25, M – Th, afternoons 3:30 – 5:30 PM)

Young Writer’s Camp
(7/29 – 8/1, M – Th, afternoons 3:30 – 5:30 PM)

Summer Learning.  Fun & Effective.
We have 47+ years of local success to prove it.
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