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Success is what we do.

We’ve been improving students’ grades, self-confidence & motivation for more than 40 years.  All of our tutoring is prescriptive, with programs designed for each student individually, then monitored and adapted constantly based on your child’s needs, learning styles, interests, and growth.

Tutoring K-12 S

We can help. More than you can imagine.  Right now.
We have 40+ years of local success to prove it.
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All Subjects

Reading, language arts, math, algebra, geometry?  You name it…we’ve got you covered:  From simple addition to complex college statistics, from beginning phonics to SAT prep vocabulary, from your child’s first written words to professional business writing.


Mix & Match

We’ll gladly focus on a single subject or combine subjects into each hour.  Unlike some other places, you don’t have to pay separately for each.  You’re also welcome to combine comprehension, core math, and homework support.


Use Us When You Need Us

Need serious intervention or a bit of help getting beyond a new challenge?  We’re the place.  Stay as briefly or as long as you wish.  We don’t have long-term contracts, so you’re always in control.  We’ve had many students over the years who came to us to learn to read, then returned later when they reached algebra or geometry. 


You’re Part of Our Family

We’ve had students grow up, have their own kids…and bring them to us for tutoring.  Multiple generations!  We consider our students our extended family…and we’re always here to help.


Set Any Goal

Many kids have come to us because they were struggling and had fallen behind, then remained with us long after they had reached grade-level.  As they excelled, their confidence grew, and they reached for ever higher goals.  From years behind to years ahead; that’s Tutorific!

All Age & Grade Levels

Elementary School

These are the years that will set your child’s course throughout his or her educational career.  We’ll provide your child with a solid foundation in the Core Curriculum necessary for academic success.  Self-confidence building, age appropriate study skills, and motivation are an integral part of our program.  Our kids discover that learning is enjoyable and surpassing goals feels great.

Early Elementary
How much your child enjoys learning during these first years can determine your child’s trajectory clear through 12th grade.  Self-confidence is easiest gained…or lost…within the first few years of school.  We’ll help give your child a solid foundation on which to build.  At the same time, will instill a joy in learning.

Mid Elementary
Starting from third grade, the pace of learning in school picks up speed rapidly.  We’ll help your child transition from the basics into deeper levels of learning while giving your child great strategies for handling the ever-increasing expectations at school.  We easily move kids from addition & subtraction into multiplication & division, from learning to read into reading to understand.  Printing gives way to the writing of clear ideas.  Watch your child blossom with our creative, engaging support.

Upper Elementary
Thousands of students have benefited from our preparation for middle school.  Imagine your child feeling confident and prepared, rather than apprehensive and afraid.  We’ll make sure the groundwork is solid and your child’s self-esteem is ready for the leap ahead.


Middle School

We’ll provide your child with the academic support and moral-building necessary for this vital transition. Your child needn’t feel lost at the prospect of multiple classes, competing assignments, numerous deadlines.  We’ll help your child navigate the changes that come with middle school.  Feel free to mix homework support with core reading and math.  We’re able to tutor any combination of subjects you wish.


High School

We’re here for your child as the demands and requirements of school increase.  Homework support, test prep, filling-in any missing pieces of core subjects, and much more.  We have the team ready to assist in every subject from Algebra to History, Science to Language Arts.  Students breathe a sigh of relief the moment they realize we can help them truly understand…and make school easier.



Whatever your subject, we can help.  From Math 101 through trigonometry, calculus, and statistics.  Chemistry, writing, entrance exam prep, and more.


  • Phonics (Beginning & Advanced)
  • Oral Reading
  • Vocabulary
  • Comprehension
  • Visual Tracking

English Language Arts

  • Spelling
  • Writing (All Levels)
  • Capitalization
  • Punctuation
  • Grammar

Printing & Handwriting

  • Legibility
  • Small Motor Development
  • Letter & Number Reversal

Homework Support (All Subjects)

All Levels of Math

  • Core Mathematics
  • Pre-Algebra
  • Algebra
  • Geometry
  • Calculus
  • Trigonometry
  • Statistics

Study Skills & Motivation

  • Organization
  • Note-Taking
  • Listening & Implementation
  • Idea Development
  • Project Supervision

High School & College Support

  • Math & Science
  • Writing & Vocabulary
  • Languages