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We’ve been improving students’ grades, self-confidence & motivation for more than 40 years.  All of our tutoring is prescriptive, with programs designed for each student individually, then monitored and adapted constantly based on your child’s needs, learning styles, interests, and growth.

Tutorific Parent Assemblies

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Helping Parents Become Your Partners in Education

These bilingual “assemblies” are designed especially to help parents become more aware of how their kids learn and how they can help continue the teachers’ work at home. 

They occur during a school-week evening, run approximately an hour, and are a blast.  Presentations are bilingual, humorous, interactive, and hands-on.  Parents leave with a much deeper understanding and appreciation of what teachers do and how they can help.

Increase you students’ level of success by improving your parents’ ability to be active/effective participants in their own children’s advancement.  We have met, first hand, repeatedly, parents who want to help their children but don’t know how.  Your simple solution is for us to teach the parents as well as their kids.  These one-hour parent training sessions are held in school auditoriums, either at each school individually or at selected “cluster” schools where parents from nearby schools can attend. Sessions are suggested to be in the evening.

Here are our first three.  Please call us to discuss these in greater detail.


Understanding How Reading Is Learned

…and How You Can Help

(Includes English phonics help for ELL parents)



All You Need to Know About the Basics of Math

…in an Hour  (Really!)



“Building a Better Student”

(How to Motivate Your Child)

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