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We’ve been improving students’ grades, self-confidence & motivation for more than 40 years.  All of our tutoring is prescriptive, with programs designed for each student individually, then monitored and adapted constantly based on your child’s needs, learning styles, interests, and growth.

Assessment Options

We can assess for learning needs and to show progress.  (805) 482-3730


Placement, Need, and progress


Initial testing reveals strengths and weaknesses in Oral Reading, Vocabulary, Comprehension, Overall Reading, Phonics, Spelling, and Mathematics, and is used to determine where tutoring is most needed.  We can choose the subjects for testing either by doing a broad range assessment, then focusing on the lowest score areas, or you can tell us the specific subjects you wish tested and tutored.  From this, we individually develop each student’s prescriptive tutoring plan.  We can handle it all or you can be the guide; whichever you wish.


Not being tied to SES approved assessments only, we can assess for very specific types of progress that are more practical and useful than nationally standardized testing.  For example, rather than find a “grade level equivalent” for all kids, we have fantastic phonics and oral reading tests as well as assessments that focus on specific aspects of the most important fundamental math, etc.  Given the amount of time already being spent on testing, and the accompanying stress on students, our preference is to use assessments as sparingly as possible.  They are at their best being used practically in order to ascertain student’s individual needs.


We can assess our academic students each 30 hours of tutoring or pre-test when a student is first assigned, then again at the semester's end.  The SES pattern of pre-test, mid-term, and post-test within a brief period of time tends to stress kids and take away from valuable learning time.  Written assessments need not be a part of enrichment programs except as might help with placement.

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